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How much does a web site cost?

Understandably, the initial cost of a site varies depending on how many pages the site consists of and the complexity of the site. Forms and other interactive features add to the cost of the site but can add value to the function of the site. Tara can give you a complimentary quote.

Are there any other costs involved in owning a web site?

Every web site requires an IP address or domain name which is the Web site address where it can be located on the Internet. It also requires a server where its files are hosted and accessible to users of the Internet. Tara can provide these services for as little as $120 per year.

How long does it take for Tara to create a site?

Again, the time it takes Tara to create a custom design can vary depending on how much information she is given by her client. Once the site template is accepted by her client and all content is given to her, the site can be up and running in as little as a week.

How is Tara different from other designers?

Tara works on her own and has been doing so for eight years. When you are Tara's client, you get her attention and her attention alone. This enables clear, quick correspondence and avoids unnecessary delays in getting your site up and running or updated.

Tara's attention to detail is second to none! Her eye for design and technical knowledge meld together to make a successful balance of art and technology.

Tara is a certfied Web designer. She has the experience and training to support her craft.


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